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DO NOT GO HERE for alterations!!I just walked in for what was supposed to be my "final fitting" for my wedding gown.

She (Jenny) had my dress IN the sewing machine and asked if I needed help with something (even though I had already been there TWICE and paid her hundreds of dollars-- she didn't know me or why I was there??). When I explained I was there for my fitting (without mentioning that the $1400 dollar dress she was manhandling was mine! duh!) she QUICKLY sewed up the front hem. I tried it on expecting the entire finished piece and wouldn't u know it...

the bustle was still safety pinned together, the cups were not even started, and the hem was completely crooked and uneven. You could SEE one of my shoes standing straight and not the other?? She tried to tell us that was how the dress was supposed to be. She also tried to tell me that she called me this morning to explain being behind schedule, but my number wouldn't work which is complete untrue because I have NEVER had an issue with my phone.

THEN she tried to tell me she had never even promised the dress to be done today... Her entire attitude was rude and demeaning and would laugh whenever we became angry about an issue. Long story short my mother and myself argued with her for over an hour and a half after we told her we were taking the dress elsewhere, she told us that the prices had changed and we would not be getting any money back from our 50% deposit (which was originally communicated as half of the work to be performed-- mind you my dress wasn't even done nor was it good in any aspect)!! The icing on the cake was that throughout this, she had to ask me what my first name was multiple times...

seriously?? I had a terrible feeling about this place from day one and did not go with my initial gut reaction telling me to run away fast... You walk in and wonder if you're in the right store. You have to walk through an entire store of carved wooden eagles to find the sewing machines, there was no soap, paper towel, or trash can in the bathroom (where is she cleaning her hands before touching dresses?) and there is a paper saying ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! ALL SALES ARE FINAL! ALL SALES ARE FINAL! (yes, four times, with exclamations) right behind the cashier.

She told me that for fourteen years she has never had a customer unsatisfied with her work-- then why do you need to post such a dramatic sign!? Lastly, she actually had the audacity to tell me that I need to learn to not be so picky. Excuse me. This is my wedding day and you are messing up my expensive dress that is supposed to mean the world to me, and you are telling me I can't have a straight hem or expect the work that was promised to be done because that is "picky"!?!?

With so many people out of jobs, and with small businesses closing left and right, it's sad to think that she is not focusing on what holds a business together: good work and excellent customer service.

Do NOT go here.You deserve a perfect wedding gown, a friendly seamstress who prides themselves on doing their best, and most importantly who recognizes that the customers are the ones keeping them employed, and that they deserve excellent service.

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